2nd Annual Writing Contest

It’s time for our second annual writing contest!writing-contest

Prizes are a $20 Amazon gift card, bragging rights, publication on the NightLark blog, promotion through our various social media channels, a winner badge (image file) to post on your blog or Facebook or nowhere, whatever your heart desires, etc.

So, here’s the deal.

Short story or poem, 1000 words or less.

There is no fee to enter.

Winner or winners to be published to the blog in October, so, you know, October theme, but it doesn’t have to be horror.

No content beyond a PG-13 level.

Previously published stories are a-okay as long as you currently hold the publication rights.

Entries can be emailed to NightlarkPublishing at outlook.com with a subject line of “writing contest submission”. Be sure to include your title, story, a short bio, and 1-2 links, i.e. author blog, Twitter, etc.

Deadline for submissions is 10/20/17.

And if you need some help deciding what to write about, we have a collection of juicy writing prompts on Pinterest.

– RL

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