What we’re looking for:

**We remain open to submissions for the rest of this year. However, we will likely not respond to queries until the beginning of 2018. **

Complete novels with a word count of 70,000-100,000. Manuscripts should be edited and should have cover art. We will do a final proof before publication.

Genres: romance (not erotica), thriller, action/adventure, urban fantasy, mystery, young adult, and middle grade

** Please do not submit books that have already been published. We handle new releases only. **

We do not publish nonfiction or short story collections.

Authors: avid bloggers, social media mavens, people who are willing to work to make a career of doing what they love

Why publish with NightLark:

NightLark approaches each release in the role of both publicist and project manager.

We strive to help authors succeed through marketing guidance and a hands-on team approach to book promotion. Your success is our success.

NightLark Publishing does not charge the author any fees for publication or promotion.

If we like your book, you might be offered either a digital deal (ebook publishing only) or a print and digital deal (print and ebook editions).

Some Benefits of Publishing through NightLark Publishing:

* Promotion through NightLark’s social media channels: blogging, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook
* 40% net royalty rate, paid at 6-month intervals once the book has recouped production and advertising costs
* Bi-monthly sales reports
* Automatic entry into NightLark’s Pick of the Year Contest
* Public Relations assistance such as press releases, the arrangement of signings (where available and for deals that include print editions), and online appearances
* Registration of books at book websites such as Goodreads and Librarything
* Digital distribution through Amazon and Draft2Digital (Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc)
* Paperback print distribution through CreateSpace and Amazon (for deals that include print editions)
* Review solicitation
* Library Outreach (for deals that include print editions)
* A publisher-provided ISBN for the paperback edition (for deals that include print editions)

If we like your query, we may request a 1-2 page synopsis.

** We will reply within 2-3 weeks if we are interested in more information about your book. If you do not receive a reply within that time, we have decided to pass on the project.

Authors located in the United States only, please.