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Shannon lies to almost everyone she meets. When she gets lost and winds up trapped in an Appalachian valley village, her lies don’t get her far.

Mistwalk Vale may look like a fairy-tale, but nightmares lurk in the shadows. Villagers are dying grisly deaths, their bodies reduced to bones and left in the streets for their friends and family to find. Worse, some people suspect that Shannon is involved. They accuse her of coming from the tribe of vicious earth witches down in the hollow.

A man named Owen believes Shannon is innocent. He tries to protect her as best he can, but there’s only so much he can do. She feels herself falling for him, despite her plan to leave as soon as she gets an opportunity.

Caught between angry mobs and an ancient darkness, she will be forced to fight for her survival. Can she save herself and the village before evil consumes them all?

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Since she was small, Llewyn has been fascinated by trains, by their speed and power as they rush by her backyard and disappear in the distance. Her fascination turns to envy as her 18th birthday approaches, and she starts looking for a way to liberate herself from small-town life.

As she finally makes her grand escape, her plans go tragically awry. She ends up alone, injured, and stranded in a forest with only a strange dog to keep her company.

The ghosts don’t help. They have their own ends in mind. They need her to believe in them. They need Llewyn to believe in what she is, and they won’t let her go until she does. Can she make it out of the forest with her sanity intact? Download now to find out!

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Need to design training in a flash? This step-by-step guide to designing training will help you on your way in record time!

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No matter who you are or what you sell, chances are that you have some kind of competition. Lucky for you, a wealth of information is right at your fingertips, free for the taking if you know what to look for.

Stalk Your Competition will help you discover everything from your competition’s customer base to their weaknesses. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and your own social media accounts. While this written work is in ebook form, it is not a book-length publication. It’s a short series of exercises designed for people who like their information short and sweet.

**FREE BONUS** This book contains a link to the author’s website and a download of printable worksheets for your notes.

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Reckless romance. Murder mystery. Temporary insanity.

Olivia Ellison should know better than to trust any man who strolls into her office claiming to be a movie director. It’s such a cheesy line, an amateur, cliché move at best, only something tells her this guy might be the real deal.

Sidney Wright is a director with a vision, and he isn’t afraid to put lives on the line to get results. He offers his stars little in the way of direction and less in the way of a script. With the mob invested in his endeavor, he’d better know what he’s doing.

Olivia isn’t sure what to think when a man who hates Sidney is found dead on the movie studio grounds, and her would-be boyfriend is the primary suspect. She doesn’t want to believe he’s capable of murder.

As her feelings for Sidney grow, so does the torment she suffers for the sake of their movie. How far is she willing to go to hang onto her dream?

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When twelve-year-old Desmond and his friends are trapped in a bookshop, they’re faced with a choice: either wait in the dark and hope someone eventually comes to their rescue or follow a stranger down a secret tunnel, into a world filled with strange creatures and danger at every turn.

In order to get back home, Desmond must journey to the caged sun and retrieve the starlight he and his friends need to save the shopkeeper’s life. They’ll have to learn to work together if they want to survive.

Desmond Winters in the Realms of the Caged Sun is a great read for middle-grade kids ages 9-12 and fans of fantasy books like Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter.

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Ghosts Cover

Months have passed since Desmond’s first adventure in the Realms of the Caged Sun. Regular life seems boring, and all he can think about is getting back to the place that makes him feel like so much more than a regular kid.

When a stranger bursts into the bookstore with news, it isn’t good. She has come in search of the one person, who can stop the corruption that’s killing creatures and plants in the realms, the one person among them, who is capable of wielding death magic.

Once again, Desmond and his friends will find themselves caught up in the danger of the realms. They managed to survive their first trip. Will their luck hold out?

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